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How to Care for Bird of Paradise

How to Care for Bird of Paradise

Name: Bird of Paradise

Scientific Name: Strelitzia nicolai
Location and Habitat: South Africa

General Information 

  • Can reach up to 20' tall in their natural habitat but will often stop at 6-10' indoors
  • Don't forget to periodically dust your Bird of Paradise with either a damp cloth or bringing to a shower.


Fertilizing Heavy feeder

Feed at 1/2 recommended strength at every watering during the growing season and otherwise once per month.

Repotting Bird of Paradise will tolerate being rootbound and will help contain the size of the plant
Propagation You can divide off any new plants that emerge at the base. Stake any new plants if they have issues staying upright.

Prune away older, outer leaves at the base with a sharp knife, as they droop over time and develop more splits.

New leaves always emerge from the center.

Humidity They do enjoy extra humidity.
Keep away from drafts.
Extra humidity will help decrease the amount of splitting in the leaves.
Pests & Disease Can be susceptible to fairly common pests but on a healthy, growing Bird of Paradise they are rare. Spider Mites are most common. Regularly shower or wipe down both sides of leaves to keep them at bay.
Pets Bird of Paradise are toxic to pets.


Bird of Paradise Light Requirements 

Bright filtered light. They will tolerate medium light conditions but then will stretch quite a bit more. If close to a wall you can support some of the leaves by anchoring them to the wall with string or fishing line.

Bird of Paradise Water Requirements

Prefers moist (but not soggy) soil. Allow the top 2-3" to dry out between waterings. In larger pots make sure to water thoroughly so that soil is saturated. Can take quite a while to dry out between waterings in lower light conditions.