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Plant Questions?

Hey friend, I’m here to help empower you to bring more plants and greenery into your inside life.

This will look different for every single one of you and that’s what I love most about doing what I do.

Whether you are a regular globe trotter that needs the no maintenance frills of moss art, a curious but apprehensive plant parent wannabe or a seasoned green thumb, my services are personally tailored to wherever you are in your plant journey.

My Story (a classic Squamish tale)

Born and raised in New Brunswick, I have a story like many others, in 2003 I flew West to Whistler for “a summer” and here I am nearly 2 decades later in Squamish. I have always been a nature lover and a creative. For over 5 years I worked in grounds maintenance on a top Canadian golf course, fostering that love of plants and studying Turfgrass Science Management through Penn State University.

Circumstances pulled me away from working directly with plants for over 13 years, becoming a Red Seal electrician and working in several different industries, the latest of which being a member of IATSE 891 Lighting Department in Vancouver.

During these years the love of growing never waned as I consistently worked on my own large property and garden and like many others in 2020 added an exponential amount of plants indoors as well!

I have loved helping friends with advice on their plants and gardens, using science backed methods and years of hands on experience I wanted to help even more people discover the benefits of plants and how they can easily incorporate more into their spaces to suit their own personal taste and lifestyle.

a few of my planty faves

Plant brands and products I love (and some we stock!)