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Plant Questions?

One thing is certain. We know plants.

We help you grow a greener indoor space for your home & business. Whether you are wanting to cultivate an indoor oasis in your home, or styling a commercial space with tropical plants and botanical art — we're here to help your grow A Greener Room.


01. Plant Coaching & SOS Help

Already have plants in your space and want to set them up to flourish? Whether you have just a few houseplants or an urban jungle I can help you assess your plant’s individual needs and get them thriving not just surviving! We offer both in-person (Squamish & Whistler) or virtual sessions.

02. Plant Consultations & Design

We step into the role of plant-stylist meets sassy indoor landscaper. If you have a blank-ish slate and want professional expertise on bringing plants into your home, or a green wall for your commercial space, a full consultation and design is for you.

03. Repotting & Maintenance

Repotting can be intimidating for many people or maybe you live in a space where keeping so many supplies on hand is not convenient. Kelly comes armed with all the repotting essentials: Custom soil blend, fertilizer, nursery pots and tarps to make cleanup a breeze. 

Other maintenance services include but are not limited to pest control, pruning, plant cleaning and plant sitting while you are away.


Happy plants. Happy clients.

"Kelly has a fantastic eye for staging she took it upon herself to add extra touches and suggestions for areas that needed some extra magic.  I cannot begin to express how awesome Kelly is. She is knowledgeable and professional and I can’t wait to call on her services and expertise again."

Happy Client, Happy Plants

"I had the pleasure of working with Kelly on a luxury listing that needed some TLC in the plant department. She was given a tight timeline and tricky conditions but she exceeded my expectations and she came up with creative ways to stretch the budget. She even took the time to paint some old pots so we could re-use them and save even more money!"

Happy Client, Happy Plants